Get to Know Me

This is NOT a sports blog. I mention sports, but by no means is this a sports blog.

I like to touch on topics of the day. That can be our current state of affairs, Veteran suicide rates, new developments in marketing and yes, sports.

I get personal. Many of my posts are just my thoughts, how I feel about a particular event in my life and some of my daily observations about the world around me. I am grateful for everyday, but I also see that not everything is as pretty as some make it out to be.

This is just my place to vent, rant and rave and just give my take on some things I notice, many of which will NOT be sports related. I enjoy consuming sports, but what I enjoy more are the conversations that take place while attending a sporting event or while watching at a local bar. Those are the stories I’m more concerned about. Much more so than Xs and Os.

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