Not so Sweet 16 for West Virginia

Am I the only one that watches the Kentucky Wildcats in hopes of seeing them lose? It’s almost like watching the early stages of American Idol just to see people make fools of themselves.

I don’t watch to see great singers just like I don’t watch to see Kentucky win. Last night West Virginia was crushed. Crushed is not even the right word. West Virginia received a worst beat down than Hampton got and they were supposed to be a better team.

As I’m writing this the Not Top 10 Plays of the week are running on SportsCenter. You know what didn’t make the cut, but should have been at the top? The West Virginia basketball team. Watching the UK vs West Virginia game was painful. Don’t get me wrong, they had the right strategy: press Kentucky and force them to make shots. Well, it sounds nice in theory, but in order to press you have to make shots so that you can set up your press. West Virginia could not score!! They were shooting 16% in the first half.

What happened to the kid that said they would beat Kentucky? He played 19 minutes and went 0 for every shot he took. I was glad he called out Kentucky, but you have to perform when you do that and instead he laid an egg.

I don’t see a team that can beat UK. I like the way Gonzaga plays and they do have legitimate big guys in the post. The problem lies in the fact that no matter how big your bigs are, UK’s bigs are bigger and more skilled. And if you are going to drive and try to draw contact, then do that. Do not go into the lane and then alter your shot because that only plays to the advantage of Kentucky’s bigs.

Anyway, that’s all boring basketball talk. Did anyone watch the press conference with coach K of Duke yesterday afternoon? He was asked a question regarding one particular individual who is no longer part of the team and he was really curt with the reporter, didn’t answer the question and then moved on to the next one without allowing the guy to ask another question. I’m all for not answering questions if you don’t want to or giving short answers (that are sometimes non-answers) because you have that right. My problem is that no one talked about it. ESPN ran the press conference live and no mention was made of it at the time or since. Now, if that was any other coach, the talking heads would have started to analyze why he became so anal when asked that question and that he avoided to give an actual answer. I don’t care about his answers or non-answers. My problem is with ESPN and other media outlets that treat this guy like a god and as if he could do no wrong.

I think this was West Virginia’s problem:

Kentucky fans, don’t get too high and mighty…

More Sweet 16 tonight!!!

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