Cheer for the Underdogs

Since when is Arizona considered an underdog? I thought the same thing, but Wisconsin definitely has weapons at its disposal. With that knowledge I still found myself cheering for the Cats.

My wife just didn’t understand. “Why are you always cheering for the teams that end up losing?” she said. My life has been about me being an underdog. I’ve always been the youngest, shortest, smallest, etc. Yet, I always play or go through life like I have something to prove and that’s exactly why I found myself rooting for Arizona. Unfortunately they couldn’t pull out the win. In the end, Wisconsin just got hot to start the second half and made their first 7 of 8 from beyond the 3 point line and Arizona went away from what was working for them, which was driving and drawing contact. By the time they went back to that strategy (which either ended in a bucket, drew a foul, or both) Arizona was down by 11 and couldn’t climb out of the hole they had dug themselves into.

As I write this, UK and Notre Dame are going at it (26-26 after the free throw by one of the Harrison twins). I really dislike both teams, but for different reasons. Again, going back to the underdog theme, how can I possibly like Kentucky? Of course I don’t want to see them go perfect, no matter how historic it would be. What has Notre Dame done to cause me to dislike them? Nothing. They are just Notre Dame and their air of elitism and superiority has always bothered me, a person who has always gone through life as the underdog.
I’m not even done with this post and the game is 31-31 at the half . I hope Notre Dame doesn’t run out of steam. This is the first time in a few weeks that Kentucky has actually had to play instead of coasting and simply relying on their talent. Although UK is probably more talented than ND, they will need to come out and execute in the second half. Notre Dame is competing and sticking to their game plan of being aggressive and trying to draw contact while attacking the lane. So far, UK’s big men are being exposed for their lack of skill and it’s noticeable that they have been crushing people off athleticism alone.
Hope it’s a good second half…

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