Sports are Nice and All, but I’d Rather Have a Burger…

So, I know this is called “The Sports Mouthpiece”, and sports should be at the heart of all these posts. Truth is, there is nothing less important to me than sports. Hey, I love watching them. The only season I hate the most is that gap between the end of basketball and the beginning of football (both pro and college), because I’m stuck with nothing but baseball. It’s not even exciting baseball. It’s after All-Star Break, mid-summer, boring, meaningless games. The only time I enjoy baseball is live… and that can be pricey. So, what was I saying?

Ah, yes, sports are not all that important. I’d rather talk about the hideous creatures I see at Walmart, the 40 year old man or woman who ate themselves into a motorized scooter, the girls, boys and anyone in general who speak and write as though they have no education and expect to be taken seriously. In their defense, some really have no education or lack individuals in their lives who are willing to help-that’s a different epidemic in this country we chose not to tackle. And, apparently, I avoid it as well by selecting to write about sports. I’m not kidding myself. I know only a handful of people stop by this blog and even less read these posts, which stopped almost as soon as they started 3 months ago. Truth is, this is more for me than anything else and, hey, if you get a kick out of reading this incoherent mess, God (whom ever your god may be, if you so choose to believe in one) bless you.

Speaking of 40 somethings in a scooter…eh I’ve got nothing. I am truly saddened with the health epidemic in this country. It’s en epidemic because there is no health. We eat everything out of a box. Hell, people are taught that eating a protein bar out of some box-which is nothing but chemicals created to make that bar taste like chocolate or blueberry or whatever- is a healthier choice than a burger. The burger is not a bad choice so long as you are not eating half-pound burgers everyday or deep frying them as they tend to do in the South to EVERYTHING. “I eat low calories, blah, blah, blah” says the protein bar, food out of a box eater. You are eating man made chemicals which your body does not know how to process and therefor stores as fat. Yes, that’s how you got to the point of weighing 350 lbs on a 5’5″ frame. I only eat once or twice a day. Well, either you are over eating both times or not eating enough causing your metabolism to slow down and your body to go into starvation mode which means… you guessed it, fat storing mode. Result? 350 lbs on a 5’5″ frame.

The crazy part is the healthcare industry is aware and the fitness/health business world take advantage of it. There are so many fad diets it’s crazy. How do you lose or maintain your weight and health? EAT!! Fruits, vegetables, grains like quinoa, nuts (almonds, pistachios, walnuts), lean meats, chicken and fish if you like. Don’t deep fry them. Don’t slather them with too much sauce or dressings. Go light on the salt. These foods have the proteins, vitamins and minerals you need. Exercise 3-4 times a week at a moderate pace for your fitness level (that will change as your fitness level improves) for 30-45 minutes. Hell, Arnold goes by the 1% rule. Devote 1% of your day to exercise. That’s 14.4 minutes. Or 14 minutes and 24 seconds. Who can’t do 14:24 everyday? Your best bet in those 14:24 would be weight-training as it will help burn more fat and jump-start your metabolism.

How do I know? It works!! I’ve done it. I was an Army recruiter for 3 years and for about 9 months I commuted from home to work. It was a 164 mile round trip daily. It wasn’t fun. I also went from 141lbs to 164 lbs. I chose not to exercise because I spent about 3 hours on the road and 9 or 10 at work. I just wanted to come home and sleep. During this time, not only was I not exercising, but I was also eating fast food and quick processed foods. Killing myself slowly. Eventually my work moved closer to home and I was on a regular schedule again. I started cooking my own meals. I started running again. I was exercising about 4-5 times a week, for about 45 minutes per session. I went back to 143 lbs within 50 days. I can guarantee you this wasn’t due to the strenuous exercise routine I followed, but to my change in diet. The exercise definitely helped shape my body, but my diet was the main contributing factor for my weight loss. This is further proven because During the winters I don’t venture out to run. The temperatures are in the single digits and I’m from Miami. Low 20s and high teens is as low as I’ll go (temperature wise, genius). During those times, I may exercise 2 times a week. However, I try to eat as healthy as possible. The results? My weight stayed constant.

I think my rambling has gone on long enough for today. I started on sports and how they are meaningless, moved on to Big Foot sightings at WalMart, and somehow ended up on fad diets and our broken healthcare and the obesity epidemic. I guess my love for sports helped me stay active in life and maintain a somewhat healthy lifestyle, so they can’t be that irrelevant after all. Then again, Chris Berman’s love for sports led him to making lots of cash while growing old, bald and…not skinny. To each his own I guess.

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