Did You Peak in High School?

Bar Culture in Cleveland

Local Dive Bars

I recently moved from my downtown Cleveland apartment to a 4 BR house in Old Brooklyn, another offshoot in Cleveland. This new situation is, of course, a roommate arrangement where I am one of four tenants. This is a much simpler setup. I get to save some money while preparing to purchase our third property, though at the expense of no longer being able to walk to work – or anywhere for that matter – everyday in just under 10 minutes.

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Cherish Those Closest to You Always

Today I found out I lost a friend. A friend who I lost touch with years ago, yet thinking back now, I can vividly recall just what he looked and sounded like all those years ago. Cherish those closest to you. Let them know you love them. You don’t have to say the words. Show them.

Live your life, but don’t forget about those around you. Life isn’t worth living without them. 



Lyoto Machida: The Dragon Sleeps in Sao Paulo

Image by Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports via MMA Fighting

This was not the fight I wanted to see. It was not the end I envisioned nor the return that Lyoto Machida had in mind. I showed up to Corner Alley on E 4th in downtown Cleveland 20 minutes into the Main card. As fate would have it, they had yet to start. Lucky me, I was in store for 6 matches that weren’t good enough to make it onto a PPV event. Actually, the card was not bad and I should not have been so dismissive.

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Wiggins and Embiid Extensions are not Created Equal

Earlier this week the 76ers signed Joel Embiid to a five-year, $148 million extension. Soon after, the Timberwolves announced they had signed Andrew Wiggins to a similar deal.

What kind of risk are we talking about here? Joel Embiid has only played in 31 games since being drafted while Wiggins’ performance last year earned him the title of least defensive player in the league.

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Quality Time With Friends and Family: Politics, Futbol and Food

Asados should replace our traditional American BBQ

     When was the last time you went to a BBQ? Well, if you’re sane -or not from Michigan- then the last time must have been sometime last summer or early fall. Do you remember it? Do you remember the food? Were there sports -maybe a UFC- on TV? Chances are you had a few beers or some cocktails, chitchatted, watched some TV that was probably not very memorable, and that was the last you recall of that event. Why is that?

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Key Marketing Strategy for Young Musicians: Embrace Social Media and Get Discovered

Self-Promote Constantly

    I was up late last night watching the Spurs game and the commentary afterwards, when a Tweet from @JoePadula -the host of The Joe Padula Show on Clarksville’s WJZM- came thru my feed. It was a 7-minute video he had posted from his Periscope (a platform I’ve yet to embrace).

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